White Collar Criminal Defense and Government Investigations

Representation of the former U.S. Attorney for the District of Arizona in the Congressional probe of “Operation Fast and Furious”

Representation of a Washington D.C. and Arizona lobbying firm in a grand jury investigation involving allegations of public corruption connected to the Jack Abramoff scandal

Representation of an Arizona State Legislator and former Tempe City Councilman in connection with a 3-year undercover bribery investigation by the FBI

Representation of the sitting state Speaker of the House in an investigation alleging misuse of public position and public corruption in connection with the adoption and implementation of the state alternative fuel statute

Representation of the former President of a publicly traded company into allegations of securities fraud, tax fraud and kickbacks

Representation of a high-ranking officer in a public corporation into claims of embezzlement and tax fraud

Representation of a college district in a massive probe into enrollment fraud and misuse of public funds

Representation of a private on-line university in a consumer fraud investigation by a state attorney general’s office

Representation of an Elections Director in a vote-tampering investigation

Representation of the chief complaining witness in a federal public corruption prosecution of a sitting Congressman

Representation of a County Manager in a prosecution involving allegations of misappropriation of public funds

Representation of a Washington D.C. lobbyist into allegations that he used public money to further the political interests of a public official

Successfully represented individuals in state and federal investigations of insurance trusts concerning accusations of misuse of public funds

Represented small business owner in federal investigation of insurance fraud ring, investigation closed in client’s favor

Successfully defended farming partnership in Farming Subsidies Claims Act case. Achieved favorable civil resolution

Resolved HUD fraud investigation in individual’s/development company’s favor

Achieved dismissal of case for security company indicted by state Attorney General for antitrust violations

Achieved dismissal of Indictment against state worker for bid and procurement violations involving state-run correctional facility

Successfully resolved a state Attorney General consumer fraud claim against automobile dealership concerning trade-in value issues

Represented individual in connection with investigation by the Office of Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (SIGTARP). Investigation closed in client’s favor

Represented medical transport company in state Auditor General investigation related to conflict of interest claims. Investigation closed in favor of company

Successfully represented individuals accused of trade secret theft and copyright violations

Successfully defended individuals and companies in mortgage fraud investigation and prosecutions

Successfully defended individual in connection with an anti-trust investigation involving allegations of price-fixing of refrigeration equipment in five states, investigation closed in the individual’s favor

Advised clients concerning federal and state gaming regulations concerning software for gaming machines

Successfully represented individual accused of violating state campaign finance laws and federal election laws

Represent individuals before the Arizona Corporation Commission, as targets of investigations and as advocates for those victimized by Ponzi schemes

Represent individuals in relation to misuse of computers, hacking, improper access to stored communications, and other state and federal violations

Representation of a nonprofit organization in connection with allegations of criminal violations of the Marine Mammal Protection Act

Successfully resolved state investigation of individual accused of aiding and abetting violation of state environmental laws concerning land development and endangered species

Representation of a transmix facility accused of failing to properly manage hazardous waste, and of failing to perform necessary testing on its product before offering it for sale

Representation of the key witness in a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice Environmental Crimes Section into allegations that the employee’s former employer knowingly disposed of hazardous waste at a facility not authorized to accept it

Represented an Arizona county concerning allegations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) concerning improper handling of refrigerant and venting procedures, investigation closed in favor of client

Represented a mercury recycling plant in a six-year investigation by the EPA and DOJ. Persuaded EPA to decline to submit the matter to DOJ

Successfully resolved the prosecution of an individual for violating the Endangered Species Act

Successfully resolved investigation of river rafting company concerning accusations of violating Navigable Waterways Act

Successfully obtained a civil resolution for an Arizona rancher involved in a criminal prosecution for Bureau of Land Management tree-cutting violation

Successfully represented several mining companies concerning allegations of reckless endangerment/manslaughter and OSHA violations in connection with the maintenance and operation of backhoes and other equipment

Successfully represented housing development in OSHA/county investigation concerning installation and maintenance of septic tanks

Successfully represented day care employee during investigation concerning Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Successfully resolved investigation against hospital employee concerning allegations of euthanasia

Successfully resolved investigation of hospital employee concerning allegation of sexual abuse of a patient

Successfully resolved allegations of assault/harassment of fellow hospital employees

Successfully resolved allegations of reckless endangerment and drug diversion against nurse practitioner concerning accusations of administering an unauthorized take-back program

Successfully resolved allegations against a nurse of reckless endangerment for mistakes in the administration of medication to a patient

Represented media company concerning embezzlement by employee and facilitated the prosecution of employee by the state Attorney General’s office. Secured restitution award and payment

Advised physician concerning security and threat assessment issues due to threats made by patient to physician and practice

Advised physician concerning extortionate behavior toward physician by another individual; facilitated prosecution by Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

Represented regional healthcare practice in investigation and prosecution of internal theft and fraudulent Medicare billing; facilitated federal prosecution of employee

Assisted land development and apartment owners and criminally investigating employees suspected theft ring; facilitated civil recovery

Assisted high-ranking city official by conducting security assessment and implementing precautionary measures due to threats made by a known acquaintance

Assistant insurance company in the recovery of mishandled funds from local bond company

Assisted numerous clients in securing orders of protection / injunctions against harassment against individuals who engaged in threatening and harassing behavior towards the client